Milky Way Miner Expands: Embracing Alien Worlds Community Lore and Competition


We’re thrilled to share that Milky Way Miner has been accepted for a second grant from the Galactic Hubs grant program. This exciting development means we can build upon our initial release by enhancing gameplay with more Alien Worlds-themed integrations. 

Key Upgrades on the Horizon:

Listing on Google Play and iOS store: Milky Way Miner team aims to list on Google Play and the iOS App Store. This will make the game accessible to a wider audience.

New Characters and Lore Integration: The Milky Way Miner universe is set to expand with characters and narratives that align with the latest Alien Worlds lore. Get ready to encounter the fierce Altan bosses and the tech-savvy Khaured mech miners, each bringing a unique twist to your mining adventures.

Revamped Weekly Tournaments: We’re levelling the playing field by giving everyone a new start at the beginning of each weekly competition. This new approach assures that all players, regardless of prior accomplishments, have an equal chance at glory on unexplored planets.

NFT Boosts: Your collection of Alien Worlds NFTs will now serve a greater purpose, enhancing your mining capabilities in-game. This integration ties the gameplay more closely to the Alien Worlds ecosystem.

Community-Driven Tournaments: We’re introducing a system that allows for tournament sponsorship by the community. A leaderboard will track the top sponsors, which will be controlled automatically by a smart contract, with the top contributor designated as the sponsor for that week. The sponsor has the privilege of showcasing customizable messages and images during the tournament.

Automatic Reward Distribution: Each tournament will see Trilium rewards distributed directly to players’ wallets, thanks to an automated system.

By bringing more connections from the Alien Worlds ecosystem and introducing tools that elevate community participation, we hope to enrich the metaverse experience for every explorer. This next phase of Milky Way Miner is a testament to the potential of the Alien Worlds community. We’re not just developing a game; we’re contributing to a living, evolving metaverse. Join us in Telegram as we continue to build new experiences.






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