Milky Way Miner Visits the Alien Worlds

Double Coconut is happy to announce that we will soon released a Web3 version of our popular idle game Milky Way Miner as part of the Galactic Hubs Season 2 Development Grant!

We are teaming up with the Alien Worlds | Galactic Hubs program to create an out-of-this-world experience for Alien Worlds players.

The game will be launched, at first, on Android as an APK that can be side-loaded. We will also try to publish it in the Google Play store!

This idle game will be a casual, fun way for the Alien Worlds community to be engaged, bring in new players to the game, and provide an awesome place for everyone to compete and earn rewards in lightweight tournaments.

Full details on our Medium blog!


The first launch is only the beginning. We plan to launch many cool follow-up features, in collaboration with the Syndicates and the overall community. We want to enable a lot of Planet vs. Planet events and use the game as a launch pad to give all of your Alien Worlds inventory more value and more fun.

See the gameplay in action here!






4 responses to “Milky Way Miner Visits the Alien Worlds”

  1. f4x3 Avatar


    wanted to inform me if there are news regarding milky way miner alien worlds collaboration? Is it already out and where we can download it?

    1. user Avatar

      Very very soon!

  2. f4x3 Avatar

    are there any news about alien worlds collab? can we already find the apk somewhere?

    1. user Avatar

      News coming soon! We are coordinating with the AW team on this.

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