Soulkeep Dev Diary: Release Date & Demo!

June 7, 2024

Awwwright! The game is RELEASE READY!!

We’ve announced some dates:

  • Internal production release (for friends and family and heavy QA): Jun 15, 2024
  • Live launch: Around a week thereafter.

Hosted by the SPS DAO we did a town hall meeting and David Fox, CEO of Double Coconut, showed off the full Monty — demonstrating the Soulkeep flow:

  • Opening Packs
  • Dealing with NFTs in the Marketplace, Etc.
  • Playing Gateway Levels
  • Entering a Tournament
  • Winning Rewards via the Leaderboards
  • TONS of Gameplay

Check it out now on YouTube. (Sorry for the bad audio issues at the beginning).






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