Soulkeep Dev Diary – May 4 2024

We’re close! How close? CLOSE! We’re actively play-testing the full game flow now with our internal staff & some select friends — and all is working great end to end:

  • As we’ve mentioned before: The core competitive / reward mechanism in Soulkeep is now a daily tournament.
  • Each League will have its own tournament, with exponential reward pools for higher Leagues.
  • A tournament involves playing a random level with random “Battle Rules” making it much wackier and more tactically difficult than a regular gameplay level.
  • If a player is strong enough to pass the level, they will enter a Bonus Level which is a painfully difficult final gauntlet for them to squeak out some final points. The player may create an entirely new deck of Towers and Spells to handle the Bonus Level.
  • Every player will play the same level with the same “random seed” of rules, fiend behaviors, and attack types.
  • In addition to SPS rewards by topping the leaderboard, players may occasionally win potions, Soul Boxes, or even Nightmare Packs. Playing with Promo or Gold Foil cards will drastically up your odds of winning one of these goodies.
  • If you don’t like how well you performed you can play again — this will cost Tournament Tickets, which we will sell for DEC or Credits.

So we’re weeks away… It’s “just” a matter of fixing a few lingering bugs, adding some clearer tutorials, and adding the right amount of polish.

FREE TOURNAMENT ENTRY: We’ve decided the most important thing in a competitive game mode is having lots of players try it out. As such, at launch (and for a limited time) the first entry into a tournament each day will be completely free / require no Tournament Tickets.

We can’t wait for you to try it out!





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