Soulkeep Dev Diary

March 29, 2024

Other than our usual “we’re heads down building” refrain, the week of March 18 was taken up by GDC. We met with a whole host of web3 “launchers”, game chains, other blockchain game developers / publishers, etc. sharing the good word about Soulkeep and picking up a ton of useful intel on distribution, marketing, what is working with tokens/NFTs these days, and best practices for community.

Also this week, our CEO David was grilled as part of an AMA, hosted by Clayboyn from the SPSDAO. Check it out on YouTube. Tough questions. Transparent answers. Keep the questions coming!



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2 responses to “Soulkeep Dev Diary”

  1. Libertyguy Avatar

    Hello it has been over a month since the last blog post, would like so info on how the soulkeep development is coming. thank you

    1. user Avatar

      We have released internally! Game going live next week, assuming no crazy issues!

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