Wax Cloud Wallet Mobile SDK: Enhancing Mobile Gaming within Alien Worlds and Beyond

We’re thrilled to share that Double Coconut has secured support for a technical grant from Galactic Hubs grant program. Our goal? To significantly improve the mobile gaming experience for players using the WAX Cloud Wallet.

The Challenge: Mobile gaming currently lacks a seamless Unity SDK for integrating the WAX Cloud Wallet, especially on iOS and Android. While Liquiidio works well on desktop, it falls short in mobile security.

Our Solution: Double Coconut will apply its expertise in Unity development and web3 gaming to create a plugin package. This package will simplify the process for players to connect their Cloud Wallet with mobile applications or games. Features will include easy login, wallet content reading, transactions/signing, and token transfers.

Community Contribution: We plan to release this plugin package as open-source, complete with full documentation and a sample game. This will empower the community to further innovate and enhance their projects.

Milky Way Miner Integration: The upcoming release of Milky Way Miner will leverage this new technology. Players will be able to seamlessly register NFT boosters, engage in weekly tournaments, and claim TLM rewards, all in a user-friendly fashion thanks to this upgrade in mobile wallet connectivity.






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