Soulkeep Dev Diary: March 8, 2024

Going forward, we’ll save your time and ours by focusing on the top new developments and top questions surfaced in the various channels (Splinterlands Discord, our support email, Twitter/X, etc.)

New Developments:

  • Our big overhaul whereby we will add a tournament / multiplayer mode to Soulkeep is underway. This will be internally testable next week.
  • We’ve fully documented and coordinated with Splinterlands on all integration points. We have a shared task and schedule and we’re knocking features and API integrations off, one by one.


  • Wen whitepaper? We will release one soon but it will serve more as full documentation of all rewards / tokenomics / systems so that there’s full transparency.
  • Will there be another pack sale pre-launch? No. Primary value will accrue to existing pack holders.
  • Will we use same market as Splinterlands for cards / packs? Yes. Same interface and platform for now, with all features and royalty structures.
  • Will there be Runi or other Splinterlands NFT integrations? This is part of the longer term plan but nothing immediately at launch, in order to avoid issues with balance.


  • Meaty interview with David, Double Coconut’s CEO and about Soulkeep.
  • We are discussing dates/times for an AMA in the SPS DAO! Look for deets next week.





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