Milky Way Miner + Alien Worlds Tutorial


Milky Way Miner has partnered with Alien Worlds Community to create a weekly tournament! 

You can download the APK from the Milky Way Miner landing page. For now only Android is supported via this side-loaded APK, though we’re working on submitting a version to Google Play and launching on iOS too soon!

Playing the game couldn’t be easier – just mine for ore and try to keep your mine efficient so you can unlock more mine floors, and eventually entirely new planets to mine! Ore makes its way up through the elevator into the rocket. Once the rocket takes off to sell the ore, it is converted to cash which you can use to expand your mining operation!

  • Miners: Upgrade your miners wisely to make them move faster, dig faster, and carry more ore.
  • Elevators: Upgrade these to hold more ore and to move faster through the shaft.
  • The Rocket Launcher: Upgrade this area to store more ore and send out more and faster mine carts.
  • Bosses: Hire bosses for each mine shaft to boost your workers to move faster, hold more, or cost less to upgrade. You can tap on a boss to temporarily activate it.

Tournament Stuff

Entering and winning is simple. Just follow these steps:

  • Every Saturday morning at midnight (GMT) a new tournament will begin. 
  • The player has until Monday to enter the tournament. 
  • The tournament begins Monday at midnight GMT. At this point, no other people may enter the tournament.
  • The tournament ends Saturday at midnight GMT (Saturday morning).

The main way to access all Tournament functions is the button on the bottom right:

Tournament Entry

During the Entry period, the entry screen will show you which NFT and how many NFTs you need to transfer over as a donation to enter the tournament. For now, these NFTs are just staked and will be returned to you after the tournament.

Just send the NFT to the game’s wallet using your Wax Cloud wallet or any other method you prefer to transfer NFTs. Once you’re set tap the “I Did the Transfer” button.

The NFT to be donated will vary each week, but may include:

  • Tools
  • Weapons / Arms
  • Minions / Crew

If your wallet isn’t linked to the game yet, a warning popup will appear and you can type in your wallet address:

If the NFTs have been properly donated, you’ll be notified that you are officially in the tournament!

The Leader Board

This board will show the top players each week based on the amount of Miner Coins earned. The board will indicate your current ranking. 

You can see it any time during a tournament to see how well you are doing and whether you are in the top 3 or, at least, the top 50% of players.


The rewards will be broken out in a number of ways for the initial run of these tournaments. The tournaments will get much grander and more interesting later!

For now we’re just experimenting with the tournament system and plan to work out much more elaborate rewards, in conjunction with the community!

Tournament Finish

When the tournament is over your rewards will automatically be airdropped into your wallet. You can visit the Tournament section in the game to see a summary of your winnings.

The more players that enter a tournament, the more rewards to be offered!






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