You don't need to own Downton Abbey to realize the importance of a good server. These days, every mobile game, from the most casual puzzler to real-time hard-core battler, needs brawn and brains in the cloud.

Don't agree? Then you're wrong ;)

Today I gave a talk at GDC 2017 that looked at some of the top Backend as Service providers out there such as Smart Fox, Photon, GameSparks, PlayFab, and Unity Multiplayer and provide a no B.S., jargon-free overview making it clear who would want to use what and when. He will also discuss why building your own set of game services is sometimes a superior option.

Here are the slides:

These cover:

  • Why having a game server is necessary
  • The best options out there for quickly spinning up game services
  • A clear idea of the various trade-offs between renting and building your own stuff.

In short, this talk will help you cover your BaaS!